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Jacob Steringa

I am a web developer living in Fryslân, a province in the northern part of the Netherlands.

How to have buckets of time

In Defence of the Single Page Application

Wait for it.

Must read! I think Paul Kingsnorth really hits the nail on the head with this essay:

The Vaccine Moment, part one

This week the record for the longest formation of the Dutch cabinet has been broken!

Earlier this year I made a website to keep track of the numbers:

Today I found some time to add support for photo posts to my website.

To celebrate this I decided to pour a glass of my favourite whiskey!

Today I read Drones vs Censorship by Terence Eden and I really liked it!

Today I added support for replies, likes and bookmarks.

Support for receiving webmentions is coming soon!

Completely removing old kernels in Void Linux

I have been a happy Void Linux user for a long time now, but something has always been a little unclear to me.

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Hello, world!

I wanted to launch my own (micro)blog for a while now, but Donald Trump beat me to it! It seems however that Donald Trump has pivoted to a mailing list or something like that (link).

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